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Basic Standards

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have taken the opportunity mid-year to review and refresh our Best Standards for
Behaviour, reminding our students about them in assembly. These assemblies have
taken place in the last week.

The Standards, which will be rigorously re-applied after February half term, include a
reminder about our expectations regarding uniform, equipment, attitude to learning
and caring for our school environment.

So that a minority of our students understand that lateness to school and lesson has an
impact on achievement we will be holding 20 minute lunchtime detentions from 12.40-
13.00 pm for students who are late that day without good reason. Students will be able
to get their lunch after this time. This replaces after school detentions.

Students who choose to misbehave resulting in a call-out (C4) will be placed in internal
exclusion for the entire day and will be required to remain in school until 4.30 pm.
Parents will be informed the same day.

We will be no longer having whole school formal sanctions for failure to complete
homework and there will be a full review of our approach to extended learning tasks
later this year.

Students were also reminded that malicious operation of fire alarms, wilful damage to
school property, extreme acts of violence and persistent disruptive behaviour will result
in the most serious sanctions including up to 45 days fixed term exclusion, a managed
move to another school and permanent exclusion.

We also explained that we will continue to put an even greater emphasis on rewards
particular in encouraging really good attendance and punctuality and these will be
recognised in assemblies and through the achievement points system as well as major
rewards events planned for the end of the academic year.

I would like to thank you for your continuing support and should be grateful if you
would discuss the Basic Standards with your child as we strive to maintain improved
standards; growing and developing fine young people who have a strong moral

Yours sincerely,

John Rooney

Being on your Best Behaviour at McAuley

Basic standards – September 2017 (February 2018 edit)

1. Punctuality
After break and lunchtime students should move to class on the first whistle. Between
lessons students are expected to arrive to their next class within THREE minutes of the 2nd Pip.
Late students are recorded but not PUBLICLY challenged. The responsibility lies with students
to show a note in their planner.
Chosen Consequence (Lunchtime Detention the same day 20 minutes)

2a. Equipped For Learning
The register is taken within 10 minutes of the start of the lesson.
Students are fully equipped for learning, they place planners and writing equipment on the
desk at the beginning of every lesson. Bags are placed on the floor in a safe space. The
teacher organises the learning in the classroom, students are quickly engaged in the lesson
and fully engage in all activities, developing the skills set out in the student learning policy.
They present their work in line with presentation standards and respond to feedback given.

2b. Homework and coursework
Classwork and homework are completed to the best of the student's ability and in line with
the deadline set.

3. Conduct in class
Students listen to instructions the first time they are given. They treat
others, their work and equipment with respect and use manners – such as "please, thank
you, excuse me, pardon". Students do not shout out and they respect the contribution of
others. Students sit in places determined by the teacher and remain in their seat unless
asked to move.
Chosen Consequence C3 (Email home from class teacher, repeated C3's dealt with by
HoY), C4 (Placed in removal room for the rest of the day and kept until 4:30pm)
C5 (Inclusion followed by likely External Fixed term Exclusion)

4. Conduct around school
Aggressive, intimidating and unsafe behaviour is not
acceptable. Chewing gum and energy drinks are not consumed. Students look after our
environment both inside and outside the building. Swearing, abusive, racist, sexist and
homophobic language is not used. Should the fire alarm be deliberately set off or should
any student damage/graffiti school property then they risk serious consequences including
permanent exclusion/managed move to another school.

5. Conduct outside of school
Students are still representatives of our school on the way to
and from school. Serious sanctions will be applied to students who bring our good name into
disrepute. Students could be barred from using school buses.

6. Uniform
Student will follow the dress for success policy. It is the student's responsibility to
ensure any inappropriate uniform is rectified before form time.
Chosen Consequence (HoY will sanction pupils who fail to meet the expectation of this

7. Mobile Phone
Phones should not be used in School at any point unless directed by the
teacher for sound educational reasons.
Chosen Consequence Phone confiscated according to policy.

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